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Author: Sergio Goschenko

TRM Labs Report: Tether’s USDT Was the Go-to Stablecoin for Illicit Activities in 2023

A report issued by TRM Labs indicated that Tether’s USDT, the largest stablecoin in the cryptocurrency industry, was the preferred stablecoin used for illicit transactions during 2023. TRM Labs alleges that 1.6% of USDT’s volume was linked to illicit activity last year, with $19.3 billion worth of USDT used in illegal transactional flows…

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Taiwan Acknowledges Binance for Cooperating With Domestic Law Agencies

The government of Taiwan has acknowledged the cooperation Binance has offered to domestic law enforcement agencies. According to local reports, Binance is the only offshore exchange that assists the government in dealing with virtual asset fraud cases, allowing authorities to access the accounts involved in these actions and deposit the assets derived from these schemes…

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