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She Reveals, “I’m Vegetarian, Once a Year I Allow Myself to Eat the Meat I Want,” but People Notice the Same Thing

In a humorous twist, a woman who identifies as a vegetarian admits to indulging in a meat feast once a year, sparking a lively debate on social media. The self-proclaimed vegetarian uploaded a video saying she enjoys an annual carnivorous splurge, raising eyebrows and generating a flood of comments online…

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Inferno Drainer resumes operations, claims $250 million stolen from crypto users

Inferno Drainer, a notorious crypto wallet-draining kit provider, has resumed operations after abruptly shutting down last November, according to a May 20 screenshot shared by crypto security expert Plumferno. Web3 anti-scam firm Scam Sniffer also verified this information, noting a recent surge in phishing sites using Inferno Drainer’s services…

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