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Author: Chris Smith

The CDC just made a huge change to coronavirus guidelines that everyone needs to know about

The CDC is redefining coronavirus close contacts, which is a major change to its COVID-19 safety guidelines. The organization now says the 15-minute span it previously outlined does not have to be continuous, as repeated contact within six feet is still extremely risky. The new findings might help public health officials improve health measures meant…

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A dangerous new coronavirus complication was discovered – and it never goes away if you get it

Doctors are studying an unexpected coronavirus complication that can appear a few weeks or even months after the initial COVID-19 infection. Some patients develop diabetes, experiencing life-threatening symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Doctors observed surprising onset of diabetes following covid infections in older patients who did not have any underlying risk factors, as well…

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One simple thing might help stop coronavirus from spreading where it’s most dangerous

Scientists used a supercomputer to model the transmission of the novel coronavirus in various indoor settings. The virus spreads faster and easier indoors than outdoors. Some researchers continue to stress the importance of aerosol transmission, just as the WHO and CDC insist that COVID-19 spreads mainly via droplets. The supercomputer simulations have shown that aerosol…

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