AS THE VACCINATION programme in most countries accelerates, people will be thinking about going back to the office, if only for a couple of days a week. Many workers will have got out of the habits of the 9-to-5 day and the prevailing customs. The pandemic will also have changed attitudes towards behavioural traits that were seen as quite normal before the appearance of covid-19. Here are some suggested dos and don’ts for the new world order.
Don’t tell others about your exotic holidays. Most people have had little to do but stare at the garden fence since the lockdown started. They don’t want to hear about your trip to the Maldives, even if you did sit through two weeks of quarantine afterwards. People only put up with the rules because they were told they were all in the same boat; they don’t want to know that you have a yacht.

By the same token, don’t humblebrag. A lot of people will have struggled during the lockdown so don’t boast about how you taught your kids ancient Greek and differential calculus while also hosting a dozen Zoom calls a day. Nor is this a competition like the Monty Python Yorkshireman sketch “You had Wi-Fi? You were lucky. I had to make do with a manual typewriter and a carrier pigeon to send messages.”
Don’t come to the office…
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