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it is who these miscreants is a relative of slaves who might use in 2002 yet however that implies that he is still slaved in Mauritania the coi lamentably even in light of the fact that when I discuss servitude pictures of there are 2,200 years 1 with the ones who pass by pontoon in america it’s bondage for me it’s difficult it’s the point at which you take a gander at it no one you deal with him like a slave and that implies what that implies the no one you pay him he essentially works entryway war no one goes not at school he isn’t free he isn’t allowed to unm and as per what he said he said in 2002 he searched for is free messages brought to the pestle a little limited wave due to his disclosure denis that we will reveal to you himself in a jail he will be made and ladies just one was delivered in 2002 until 2013 subjugation definitely and that is simple he was talking in the last name is the thing that you can talk those decided at libé set back upstream italy that is the thing that rafa is to you so it doesn’t generally exist see it doesn’t exist say that doesn’t exist as per lynn and trips with the exception of offer to brands as to sprites your neighbor where are they from the military m him he is likewise a family remi navalon of a weapon he is fluffy with the star yes and he lives with you for quite a while the au the Walloon Minister of Seals Haut-de-Seine you recognize what date today at mount from its estimation of untamed life to this appeal that on the grounds that in my nation we see the time constantly on the grounds that there is an arrangement and our arrangement another arrangement call us blind like jeanine administrator in nilmar doesn’t owe different individuals from fnath radio we gabbed about perspiration the way of life of blue is the thing that you know it the Internet as per his words, you must be a little name, at long last the mother of tristane banon or we start the instructional exercise he be glad locate a carried out match and yes 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still here in beledweyne source ap m I am exceptionally stunned I am truly I leave agreeable when I travel to the outsider and individuals perhaps you like others he asks me is this that subjugation exists among you, I am embarrassed for my nation since it is prohibited yes we will win yes it is taboo servitude then when the restricted since 1995 what is the destiny of the casualties of bondage when they emerge from subjugation they come yet you need to go with them if not in any case there are two decisions will get comfortable the urban areas and they will include they will expand the positions of the helpless hoodlums and individuals like that since they are helpless neediness is something clear or bombing that he needs to contact the folks and revealing to me that I am delivered I have nothing to eat at any rate with the experts g I had something to eat and the cost of a slave ah no I don’t have a clue whether for a really long time since a long time ago we have known slave deals right now we spend in bondage this customary that it originates from a second it originates from that point second when your mother is a slave you become true slaves and that are altogether the leaders of mauritania who have prevailing on this nation they state that bondage doesn’t exist and sooner or later they said here we will be we will make a move for the shootings against the servitude one he doesn’t against the individuals who don’t exist since that administration obligation and there are laws it’s alright and now individuals have been in prison since he said that servitude as of now exists we go to jail since they went to casualties he of jail and casualties they have two tosses they addressed writers that you are risky it is a day for you as shrewd and Asia and I suffer them and I set myself up for all the perils that are identified with that we he like bear stearns it requires the road behind the clinic for centers I know him I cherished it thanks is that they controlled Islam here and still managed Islam and in the event that they utilized Islam to legitimize this subjection, at that point it is an appalling thing that isn’t a thing of Islam yet religion has been instrumentalised to legitimize the subjection since I love work from us it is considered by one as a story in rules of god and when I incinerated the books the assailants of the ira were 600 individuals and when following four months in jail I escaped jail he was at that point 8000 and we strolled from the jail to my home and they revealed to me that from this point forward nobody will have our political fate we will make our own gathering to go and there will be our leader who going to run this nation and are they right you need to be the executive from me I will be the quality director I’ll attempt the president is what it’s feasible for latin it’s unavoidable it’s german can keep me from being heads of state mauritania madam you feel wiped out wiped out she said she planned to cost the future free chest there what happened she said that since she was conveying is raised her courtesan the lady he possessed who was his proprietor yet you are free and when the canines the barrier not far 2013 and you are quick that cana koné and that implies that you lived with your mom in your property the topic is the dui he grew up there down with subjugation and you terrified in ghana with that latvia beats am said with a delight or on the rear of a jackass duplicate unpalatable ryad de m does she have kids with the web rossi yes every one of these youngsters in him and the others they were brought into the world with the educators since it’s never spouse a yes so the ace and the dad the bosses the ace’s child the cousin says m lamy says m the passing visitor 10 meters abroad 10 meters every one of the a spout yet it is an amazingly touchy subject it’s troublesome by the music extremely troublesome complex circumstances totally it’s sensational it’s extremely agonizing that is the reason the specialists don’t need us to discuss it since it’s a great deal it’s as genuine as politically-sanctioned racial segregation and he would not like to be burdened as being individuals to leave and be own frequented by the Americans and have them the subsidizing to meander similar to the leftists m gracious it was all hovels for individuals what they needed to leave interior relocations just as this one yet there is nobody to characterize a course completed currently it’s an independent fine when it’s finished and you yourself attempted to leave as well and that is the thing that you searched for there in europe where the fantasy for this situation how all to succeed that I accept is to go to work came to put resources into his nation today around evening time it was everybody’s fantasy each in each of the 17 from boeing china without a doubt the prize with the shoe in my brain at the medical clinic after they asked me from which nook and at the same time for the year no I didn’t eat why they didn’t trust you like mortagne read about me that it was an African nigga wanna remain at 8:45 p.m. so it’s your pot and rome the africans senegal mali the lady as indicated by the mountain the cap distinction when you when you open in mauritania a molière isolated some robin thoughts they disclosed to me I’m insane in light of the fact that ordinarily passing and hold he would not go no he didn’t impersonate the motor no not mirror the others do it if the years in light of the fact that even there even the red sickle when it stays in the register on holy person martinois the main set for me it’s truly for me I hurt my family you hurt to my dad I left it’s an auntie the feline I cause two Germans in development we to can take a telephone and he revealed to me that should come is that my person before me were debilitated are frequently looked however I said that on the off chance that it was genuine I won’t com