Vampire slaying meets running-and-gunning.French studio Migami Games made a name for itself with excellent Castlevania fan games like The Lecarde Chronicles 1 and 2, but fan games don’t keep the lights on or put food on the table, so the team has understandably embraced commercial ambitions with Wallachia: Reign of Dracula. One might expect that, given Migami’s pedigree and the presence of a certain world-famous literary vampire, that this would be a Castlevania-type game with the serial numbers filed off. But in practice, it’s actually quite different, particularly being that the heroine, Elcin, wields a bow and arrow as her main weapon. It results in a game that feels more like a classic run-and-gun akin to Contra or Rolling Thunder, with a tiny bit of Shinobi mixed in for good measure.Elcin is quite versatile with her bow and can shoot in eight directions, but she also wields a sword, which is not only useful for close-quarters combat but can also be used to slice enemy projectiles in mid-air. Special arrows with limited ammunition can be found as well, include piercing arrows, explosives, and three-way projectiles. Arrows can also be charged by holding down the attack button for more powerful blows.Read the full article on
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