Meant for Greta things.Oh, what a heartbreaker Projection: First Light is. It starts off so well. The opening sequence is a marvellous showcase of intelligently-crafted, dialogue-free storytelling, utilising the game’s striking shadow puppetry art style to brilliant effect as your heroine, Greta, chases an effervescently glowing butterfly through the streets, bringing accidental ruin to all that she passes. Ignorant of these trespasses, she returns home only to be grounded. From here, she escapes her room and heads off on a grand adventure that aims to play cleverly with light and shadow. But, almost instantly, the game’s controls get in the way. We’ll get to it. Let’s praise what it does well, first. Unfortunately, it won’t take long.The central premise of the gameplay is strong. Using a free-floating ball of light, you must cast shadows from objects and scenery in order to create platforms for Greta to walk on. You move the ball around with the right stick while Greta is controlled with the left, and it’s all fairly intuitive in concept. The visuals throughout are clever and charming, and the game doesn’t betray its lightbox theatre aesthetic to force puzzles – it’s a world that consistently makes sense, in a game that runs very smoothly and utilises its shadow-casting mechanic for both traversal and smartly-designed challenges… and then asks you to solve them using the digital equivalent of a pair of soaking wet seal flippers.Read the full article on
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