Last year, UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis gained attention when she performed a floor exercise to Beyonce and scored a 9.975. Well on Saturday she pulled out another amazing performance, scoring a 9.95 to clinch the win for the Bruins against Arizona State.

Obviously her floor exercises are going viral because they’re non-traditional, but they’re also really, really good. Although how are the judges differentiating between scores like 9.975 and 9.95? Can you really tell when something is 0.025 better than something else? That’s 2.5%. I mean…I guess her toe was a little more bent when she jumped that one time so let’s deduct 1/100th of a point?

Keep going for the full routine as well as the one that went viral from last year. Turns out this Nia lady is pretty good at dancing around and flipping.
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