First face masks were impossible to find and then it was Purell — now Lysol Disinfectant Spray is the most difficult coronavirus essential to get your hands on.
Clorox wipes aren’t far behind, but we have good news today on both fronts.
Both hard-to-find essentials are in stock right now at Amazon, though they’re almost certainly going to sell out soon.
Lysol disinfectant is the Holy Grail that no one can find in stores right now, so we’re going to skip all the pleasantries and get right to it: Lysol Disinfectant Spray is in stock right now. Before you jump for joy, however, there are two things you need to know.
First, you should be aware that Lysol spray is flying off the shelves so you probably have less than an hour to order some now that we’ve let the cat out of the bag. And second, prices are still inflated because demand is through the roof. We normally wouldn’t even cover overpriced listings like these on Amazon, but we continue to get so many emails from readers in search of Lysol. Rather than ignore them, we’re giving people with an urgent need the opportunity to get some while it’s in stock This could be your last chance for a while to get some, so you’ll find three separate listings for Lysol spray right here:
On top of Lysol spray, there are other products in stock right now that are almost as difficult to find: Lysol wipes and Purell alcohol wipes are both in stock right now at Amazon. Unfortunately, these prices are gouged as well so it’s the same story as the Lysol spray. If you have an urgent need, buy them before they sell out. If you can stand to wait to see if more reasonably-priced options pop up in the coming weeks, however, definitely wait.
Clorox wipes
Last but not least, these are the best deals right now on Amazon for anyone looking for face masks, including FDA-authorized KN95 masks that NIOSH says work better than most 3M N95 masks:
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