Kate McKinnon has given us yet another reason to love her. 
On this week’s SNL, she showed up on Weekend Update as a vaguely Greek character named Dr. Wenowdis to comment on Donald Trump’s absurd “medical exam” on Fox News Friday night.
As Colin Jost ran through the details of Trump’s appearance, the good doctor replied with various versions “We know dis” or “Who does this?” Midway into the bit, McKinnon hilariously starts to break character. This prompts Jost, who is also having trouble keeping it together to ask, “Kate, Kate, are you ok?” 
“I’m obviously not,” she admits before going on to explain how strange we’re all feeling right now: “It’s such a crazy time, and this is something I started doing to cope. I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal.”  Read more…More about Snl, Donald Trump, Saturday Night Live, Kate Mckinnon, and Entertainment
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