We’re fast approaching the climax of the 2020 presidential election cycle, as we arrive at the vice presidential debate between Sen. Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. And, as always, you’ll be about to catch PBS NewsHour’s coverage for free, no matter where you happen to find yourself Wednesday night.
The first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was moderated by Chris Wallace from Fox News — this time we’ll have Susan Page of USA Today moderating. It should be a calmer affair than the debate last week, though there will be added tension in the air because of the COVID-19 outbreak in the White House. In the interest of safety, a plexiglass barrier will be placed between Sen. Harris and Pence during the debate.
PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the debate will start at 8 p.m. on its digital feeds, with senior political reporter Daniel Bush hosting a pre-show. Television coverage will then kick off at 9 p.m. ET, which is also the scheduled start time for the debate. Coverage will be anchored by NewsHour managing editor Judy Woodruff.
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Woodruff will be supported by contributions from Amna Nawaz, Yamiche Alcindor, Amy Walter and Lisa Desjardins. Nawaz will, as networks often do during these things, be chatting with a panel of regular voters to get their opinions on how the debate went.
As a publicly funded institution, all PBS NewsHour coverage is always freely available to anyone with an internet connection, no cable or other TV provider login necessary. NewsHour will have its debate coverage stream going everywhere it has a presence — on PBS.org, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and on the PBS app for mobile devices and TV streaming boxes.
You don’t even have to go anywhere — we’ve embedded the scheduled YouTube stream in this article.

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This debate between Sen. Harris and Pence is the second of four debates ahead of the 2020 election on Nov. 3. There are two more debates scheduled for Biden and Trump, on Oct. 15 and Oct. 22 — though with Trump ill with COVID-19, it’s possible neither of those debates will actually end up happening.
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