99 Links drop onto an Eventide Island…The recent arrival of Super Mario Bros. 35 as the second Battle Royale-inspired online multiplayer experience to come following the excellent Tetris 99 poses the question of what other classic Nintendo franchises could be given similar treatment. As enticements to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, the two existing games (one of them limited-time) are spicy little gaming nuggets that tap into players’ nostalgia in a potent way.There’s room to expand on the existing Mario entry in the genre, of course — more characters, more Mario game styles, or maybe just more time to enjoy it — but if we’re throwing large numbers of players together in a elimination-style, last-player-standing scenario, there’s nary a Nintendo series that couldn’t be adapted to make a brilliant Battle Royale experience.Read the full article on nintendolife.com
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