Bhutan is supposed to be where joy is at home ensured by high mountains in the north and thick wilderness in the south the nation is the last realm in the Himalayas the administration’s main concern is keeping its residents upbeat that incorporates securing unblemished common habitats individuals live as per their customs yet simultaneously are associated with the rest of the world online Bhutan is situated between two Goliaths china and India all things considered it’s figured out how to outline its own course our excursion starts far away from the capital in the far off eastern aspect of the nation where very little has changed over the most recent hundred years six-year-old Dorje is confronting the greatest test in his life so far today he will leave his home and family definitely that was you can’t do it’s the last morning Dorji’s mom will go through with him before he leaves for the cloister obviously i’ll miss my child yet I would prefer not to stand out on his way to discovering Buddha i’ll be miserable for a couple of days then i’ll become acclimated to it a choice stands be a decent kid observe the rules at the religious community and study hard and eat three dinners daily stand by i’ll assist you with holding this I don’t have the foggiest idea what it resembles in the religious community there are large structures in the city it’s an ideal opportunity to go Dorji’s excursion to his new life as a priest starts his folks and kin won’t see him for over a year they may not have the option to address him before that Dorje has never left his town he’s energized in front of the three-road trip and his first visit to the legislative center in the northern aspect of the nation it’s an ideal opportunity to relocate the rice plant by plant the Bhutanese staple food is being moved starting with one patty then onto the next choki a rancher grows an exceptionally extraordinary yield blossoms eatable petals for plates of mixed greens risotto or salt blends the business idea originated from Switzerland bhutan’s virgin soils and unadulterated air should ensure high level natural quality we need the entire town to assist us with relocating every one of these seedlings from the nursery my whole family helps too when the corn blossoms and marigolds we’ve planted here begin to sprout then we’ll dry the roses and send them to Switzerland I carried this venture to our town since it’s a good time for me to help out youthful ranchers and there’s a ton in question for me my youngsters ought to have the option to live from this apparatus town is in Bhutan’s primitive timberland bears panthers tigers and wild hog are a consistent danger to the ranchers simply a year ago 14 cows were killed while eating if a tiger nibbles it deserts a poison so the injury doesn’t recuperate for quite a while this injury here is over a year old yet we could never kill a wild animal since that is a significant sin in Buddhism we have to live with the wild and ensure our animals and plants admirably well today around evening time it’s choki’s dad’s chance on watch there’s an attempted and confided in old technique that works best to get the wild animals off the rice paddies is anticipating a significant guest and is making the public beverage spread tea first the tea then the margarine and last the salt [Laughter] advantage in the present moment yet over a more extended period it will make us sick our dirts will dry out and lose their supplements moving to natural is surely useful for our well being yet we’re gambling crop disappointment all that we develop here will be worth more if the town is guaranteed as natural we can improve cost for it we can utilize characteristic intends to secure our plants yet chokey’s hopefulness is scrutinized sooner than anticipated the plants are kicking the bucket look this is the reason ants are eating the roots on the off chance that we plant them out all that will be swarmed look dispose of it yet it’s past the point of no return the red ants are now in the field chokey doesn’t have a clue what to do yet surrendering is not feasible i will converse with the nearby farming specialist possibly he has an answer and might you be able to call our accomplices in Switzerland to check whether there are regular anti-agents the greater part of all Bhutanese work the land like choki the’s nation will likely expand net public joy as opposed to simply support financial development Bhutan is organizing the fulfillment of its kin keeping up conventional culture and ecological assurance each resident is qualified with the expectation of complimentary instruction and clinical consideration over two thirds of Bhutan’s region is secured with ensured woodlands it’s the main nation stuck the world to predicament more co2 than it delivers the mountains are additionally holy to the Bhutanese they’re home to a portion of the world’s tallest unconquered pinnacles this is the liops area since antiquated occasions these migrants have been crowding yaks in excess of 4500 meters above ocean level close to the Tibetan fringe long term old Sehuang is getting back from a long outing and he’s bringing the basics for the coming a long time here it’s men’s work to give the kindling and food the ladies remain at home to think about the yaks since we can’t acquire any cash here we need to go to the greater towns to work sun oriented boards are utilized to create power fires are utilized for cooking on the off chance that he doesn’t excel at school he’ll need to remain here and work similarly as hard as we do yaks living in the wild don’t eat enough salt so the herders give it to them salt to keep them solid and increment their milk creation there are less and less yaks in light of the fact that in the hotter atmosphere they become these days predominantly by moving cargo with ponies and assembling and selling uncommon home grown mushrooms that just develop here ce wong cherishes bollywood music his cell phone doesn’t have gathering on the mountainside so before he sets off he generally downloads the most recent hits engaging old and youthful the same that is sufficient I have to pack pay actually knows the customary handi works and can mesh yak fleece into texture to be sold and I like living here my lone issue is that I don’t see enough of my better half more often than not my mom grandma and I are all alone is frequently away for quite a long time and I can’t call him on the telephone despite the fact that he’s simply gotten back home he’s now returned out to look for mushrooms I trust he finds a ton in any event look that is the place i’m going far up in the mountains I need to come also you’re too little to even consider coming along state wong’s in for a long ascension the prized mushrooms just develop far up in the Himalayas it’ll take him two days just to arrive dissimilar to ce wong numerous youthful Bhutanese head for the city around 20% of the populace currently lives in the capital pimpu the city is one of the quickest developing in southeast Asia the web and TV showed up at practically a similar time 20 years prior from that point forward Bhutan has been changing quick anyway police actually direct the progression of traffic there are no traffic signals dorji is making a stop in Thimpu his dad needs to get him a comfortable coat there for the religious community it’ll be freezing at the religious community there are no littler sizes alright we’ll take it in another aspect of the city dodgy’s future abbott lama nam gay is preparing for the new beginning of the devout year he’s on a major shopping campaign put that with the rest his spending plan is tight despite the fact that the religious community gets public subsidizing lama namgae is making a hard deal what amount is the spinach 25. for this when I was youthful the priests just remained in the cloisters individuals visited them and brought them food however it hasn’t been that route for a long while we must go out to shop here consistently the new year begins the day after tomorrow at my religious community around 80 priests are returning from get-away and we’re expecting a great deal of new youngsters it’s the most chaotic season for me you must eat less now in any case it’s too costly shouldn’t something be said about this please tie up and we’ll meet at the lower part of the way would you be able to see our religious community up there at the top it might snow before long set off so the primary burden can be put on the ponies the pickups stacked and the subsequent one’s leaving immediately they’ve nearly completed now the buys simply need to endure being conveyed up the mountain on ponies it’s a three-hour move to the cloister where the remainder of the ponies I told the men they should begin stacking the ponies yet nothing’s happened they’re not tuning in to us it’s the ideal opportunity for lam gay to assume responsibility here’s something different acceptable presently it’s snowing hard up on the mountain close to our religious community in the event that we go up now with the ponies the snow will relax the heap these ponies can’t go up there any longer today and the other half aren’t even here yet I don’t have a clue what I ought to do I have to get up there today to get ready for the priest’s appearance it’s giving me a migraine gracious my head so what do I do now la manam gay heads up without the ponies alright we’re going see you tomorrow the ponies should go up the following day assuming it doesn’t rain they’ll show up just at the last possible second again it’s the ideal opportunity for an excursion back into the past to the valleys of focal Bhutan where time appears to have stopped are the kids up yes they’re up and making breakfast I trust they’re making my rice and tea with milk OK currently i’m 73 years of age and still have to the children secured great positions in the city we’re still here to take care of the ranch the kids are upbeat and we are too alright our town is in such a high recognize that our bovines don’t create enough milk still we deal with them consistently and give them quality feed we live from it yet it’s difficult work insofar as we’re here we’ll do it and when we’re not around any longer ideally our kids will I trust so too after every one of these cows paid for their training hello amma drive the dairy animals here i’ll take them out to pasture the youthful toxophilite from our town have moved me to participate in a competition in the yearly celebration I think i’ll join in again this year i’m stressed at your range when you actually contend your eyes are truly downright awful could shoot somebody with the bolts no concerns I can in any case do it you’re such a bragger this is an exceptionally unique plume from a fledgling in our timberland.