New book sheds light on a coin-op legacy.While Nintendo has long been a major force in the realms of domestic and portable video gaming, it’s important to remember that the release that truly put the Japanese firm on the map was an arcade one: 1981’s Donkey Kong. Shigeru Miyamoto’s first masterpiece transformed Nintendo from a coin-op also-ran into one of the industry’s major players, but its attention quickly shifted to the home arena when it released the Famicom in 1983 to widespread critical and commercial acclaim – the same year that the video game industry in the US was hit with its first crash.Because of this, many people consider Nintendo’s history in the arcade arena to be a side-note to its triumph in the world of consoles and handhelds, but as Ken Horowitz’s new book – Beyond Donkey Kong – attests, the firm was actually very active in the world of arcades for longer than you might assume.Read the full article on
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