Looking for a 3M N95 mask for sale? Amazon actually has 3M 8210 N95 masks in stock right now at the lowest price online — but only if you’re willing to buy in bulk.
If you just want to purchase a box or two, you’ll pay upward of $10 or even $15 per mask due to all the price gouging online.
What you might not realize is that FDA-authorized Powecom KN95 face masks cost a fraction of that price, and NIOSH testing found that they work even better than most 3M N95 masks.
Everyone knows that there’s one coronavirus essential that’s still practically impossible to find after all this time. No, it’s not Purell, since you can now get Purell hand sanitizer pump bottles sold directly by Amazon at the lowest price on the entire internet. In fact, you can even find Purell alcohol wipes on Amazon right now, which was unheard of even as recently as last month.
We’re talking about N95 masks, of course, which offer some of the best protection you can get against the novel coronavirus. For low-risk situations like being outdoors, basic masks like Amazon’s best-selling 3-ply face masks are fine and they only cost $0.23 each. But if you want real N95 masks for higher-risk situations though, like being indoors around other people or riding public transportation, you’ll definitely need to cough up some cash.
3M N95 masks are the gold standard in personal protection and believe it or not, Amazon actually does have them in stock right now. In fact, you can get actual 3M 8210 N95 masks — the most sought-after 3M masks on the planet right now — for just $6.56 each. The catch is that you have to be willing to buy in bulk. If you just want one or two boxes for yourself, you’re easily going to back $10 or even $15 per mask from price-gouging sellers on eBay and elsewhere.
Want protection that’s just as good or even better than those N95 masks for a fraction of the price? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Since we first began covering them last month, Powecom KN95 face masks have quickly become some of the best-selling masks on Amazon’s entire site. That’s because tens of thousands of our readers have ordered them. They’re the only KN95 masks on Amazon that are FDA-authorized for use during the novel coronavirus pandemic. They’ve even been tested by NIOSH, the body responsible for testing and certifying personal protective equipment here in the US.
As most people likely know by now, the “95” in N95 and KN95 means that the mask will filter at least 95% of small airborne particles like germs and human coronaviruses. Any N95 mask certified by NIOSH filters at least that well, though some high-quality masks do even better. 3M N95 masks, for example, often filter 96% or 97% of tiny particles. So how did these Powecom KN95 masks do in NIOSH’s tests? They were found to filter up to 99.2% of small particles, which is even better than most 3M N95 masks out there.
That’s pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to face mask efficacy, but you won’t spend $15+ per mask like you will on some N95 masks. In fact, if you head over to Amazon right now, you’ll find Powecom masks on sale within a few cents of the lowest price ever!
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